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Contact Information:
Name: Kendra Knowles
Telephone: 510-558-4801 (ATTENDANCE REPORTING ONLY)
Student absences can be cleared by:
  • Written note or OV voicemail 510-558-4801 or email ( from parent/guardian before 10 AM on the day of the absence.
  • Conversation, in person or by telephone, between the school office and the student's parent/guardian. The parent or guardian should give the following information:
*First and Last Name of student
*Name of parent/guardian making attendance call
*Date(s) of absence
*Reason for absence
If a student has been absent for 10 days due to medical/illness, we are required to ask for a doctor's note to excuse any medical/illnessess after the 10th day.  Any medical/illnesses already excused by a doctor in the first 10 days of absences are not counted toward this requirement.