REVISED: AUSD Now Using Granicus for Improved Communication of Board of Education Meetings


Beginning in the 2019-20 school year, Albany Unified School District will be using Granicus to post Board of Education meeting agendas and to display the meeting videos. This is the same system that has been used by the City of Albany for several years and has multiple advantages over a single text file and a single video stream. Granicus granulates the agenda into item-by-item units. You can click through the agenda directly to items of interest and view or print only those pages. The advantages are huge for video--instead of having to guess where in an hours-long video the item you are following was discussed, a single click brings you to the video of the discussion of the item. It is still possible to flow the video in its entirety for dedicated school board fans. 


Please check out the School Board Meeting Information website for the following:

  • Schedule of Meetings (as approved by the Board in May 2019)
  • Upcoming Events (meetings are arranged by date with the most recent at the top)
  • Available Archives, which include the published agenda packets, minutes, and videos. Click Video to listen to the meeting and view agenda documents, or Agenda or Minutes to see just the documents. *Special meetings are not recorded.
  • Search Archives box to search our archives by keyword


Agendas are always posted on the AUSD website under the School Board Meeting Information page, as well as on the District Events Calendar at least 72 hours in advance of a Regular meeting and 24 hours for Special Meetings (per the Brown Act).  We will continue to send out email announcements about upcoming regular meetings.


You may find the September 10, 2019 Board Meeting Agenda packet online now!


Albany Unified is pleased to provide an easier and more robust platform for keeping all community members informed and involved with the Board of Education.